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Ethan Deyo helps create online digital identities for small to large businesses with the help of video and photo advertising

His expertise in photo, video, and audio editing will make your next advertisement stand out from your competition.
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What do businesses need to succeed online, and how can Ethan Deyo help?

Businesses online today need engaging content to stand out from the crowd. Most businesses do most of their own work online with an in-house web developer or try to do it themselves. The results? Sub-par content that in the end will get reworked, ending up costing the business owner more in the long run.

Ethan Deyo provides everything a small business owner needs to succeed. This includes:

  • Web design, including a domain name and web hosting
  • Email marketing, including professional email such as “
  • SEO, including submissions to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • CRM systems for tracking leads, follow ups, business contacts, and more.
  • Cloud storage to make sure your business files are stored securely and safely offline, accessable anywhere.
  • Social media and how to correctly market and engage with followers and gain more on any platform.

With many different types of websites, Ethan can help you decide whether you need a static HTML site, WordPress which includes a database, or other solutions such as jQuery or Bootstrap.

Whether your business is automotive car sales or information technology, Ethan Deyo can create a video to wow your users.
Ethan Deyo combines social media, web presence, and many other aspects to create a solid, robust foundation for your online success with proven strategies to create success.
Ethan Deyo promises every client the best results, with guaranteed success. Ethan Deyo works with you and your team to collaborate on your next advertising project.
Ethan Deyo provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all projects. If you aren’t satisfied with Ethan’s work, he’ll refund your investment.
A picture of Ethan Deyo showing how to get traffic to your website.

Have a general question? You can email Ethan here.

Ethan is also available for questions on Quora.

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